Chess Diary #4

Nov 20, 2009, 1:15 AM |

Yesterday I played an OTB game at the club, and won! That feels great, as so far I had only produced four draws in the competition. Will post a puzzle and the moves tonight. Tomorrow we'll play a team match against the strong first team of Staunton chess club, in Groningen. That's the important game. But for now I feel good :-)

On, I've just made moves in the recently started games; my plan of analyzing for 10 minutes in the games that left theory is holding up so far. All 6 or 7 reply moves were expected, except for one reasonably good complete surprise. So I think I'm on a prediction score of 5 now (not keeping track very well).

I also lost an online game due to a gross oversight -- my opponent simply pinned a piece, attacking it an extra time, and it couldn't be defended. I was still in blitz mode when I made the blunder, let's see if I can avoid them in the future.