Spectacular stalemate combinations

Feb 13, 2012, 2:10 PM |

Let us look to the next endgame study of Eduard Lasker *). White to play and win:

My first guess for a win was 1.Rh5, but than Black has the nice stalemate combiation:
The next variation shows that you should play these kinds of endgames with care:
In this endgame **) Smyslov saw a skewer winning a rook. But his opponent was very happy to loose that rook as he saw a stalemate... 
The next variation is the end of a endgame study of Grigoriev ***). At the end there is a beautiful stalemate. 
This one comes from a normal over the board game **) & ****). White is the famous andgame study composer Troitzky. He is complete lost but finds a neat stalemate combination, very unusual on board with so many pieces.
The next **) stalemate combination is very spectacular:
Black cannot escape the "eternal rook".

With exactly that same rook Larry Evans saved himself in his game against Samuel Reshevsky **) & ****). They call this 'the swindle of the century':
White's rook has gone complete wild: wherever the Black king goes, the White rook gives check on a field where the king can take that rook for appearantly free. 

Till now we just saw stalemate combinations with rooks. O
f course with a queen it looks more impressive! *****)
Back to the desperado rook, played in a real game *****). And like in most examples above, the chess computer doesn't understand the position at all!
The last one *****), also form actual play, is one of the kind: 2 for the price of 1!

You can find this for instance in 'Chess Endgame Training' of Bernd Roosen 

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This is a source 

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