Oct 8, 2010, 2:44 AM |

I found out about about one month ago, it was pure accident since it never crossed my mind about a website where you could play with other people...of course i knew there are computer games, but it was never appealing to me although i have always liked chess. as a matter of fact, i was looking to play some mario bros, just like in childhood.

chess has been always present in my family, my grandfather was the first one to teach my sister and myself when we were seven years old, or so. later, many members of my family have been very good chess players and i have played with some of them very seldom times.

so, a month ago i found this site but i had not played for ages a complete i started to play with one, then with another player, so on and so forth. but i have lost all my games but i think these have been very good experiences. some of my challengers have been very tough and i have had to give it a lot of thought...but i have enjoyed it.

so i want to thank the staff, this site is one of the greatest ideas. besides i did not know it was so popular among the world because in my everyday life i do not know many people who know how to play and least of all be interested.

a friend said to me that her idea of board games is to have fun and to relax and not to be thinking so much and put yourself under pressure. I can only say that i love this game and ever since i began to play with this system, my mind relates most of my everyday activities with a game of chess and its multiple ways to deal with a situation.

i dont know if this has happened to someone else.......

i dont know either if someone will spend  time to read this  "rollo macabeo" or not but i wanted to share this thought.

schatoff, biologist  yet to be.