Endgame Literature Survey

Endgame Literature Survey

FM Schemato

Update: The first sub-post on comprehensive one-volume works is now up.

In preparation of my upcoming Rook Endgame Course, I have recently surveyed my chess library for titles that may be useful in endgame training. As I often get asked about book recommendations, I decided to share the resulting list with you, including brief notes indicating how I feel about each book and who might benefit from studying it.

Although I will only include books that I am familiar with and have found useful for my own or my students' training, there are still quite a number of titles, so I will distribute the material across several blog posts according to the categories listed below. I am planning to update this introductory post regularly with links to pertinent future posts, so that it may serve as a table of contents for this endgame literature survey. If there is enough interest, I will also update the subsidiary posts whenever another worthwhile endgame book comes to my attention.

To make this more relevant for the general reader, I will only include books that are available in English, plus the occasional cross-language (i.e. Chess Informant style) publication. When I have only read the German edition of a book, I will still just list the English title and not mention this language discrepancy every time, unless I think there are substantial differences between the two editions.

My next two posts will be about general one-volume works and books that focus on rook endgames respectively. Apart from that, you are welcome to tell me which categories you are most interested in to guide my future work on this blog series. Comments about and suggestions of specific books or categories I may have overlooked are of course also very welcome.


    1. Comprehensive Endgame Works

    2. Books Focussing on Specific Types of Endgames

  • Pawn Endgames
  • Rook Endgames
  • Minor-Piece Endgames
  • Queen Endgames
  • More Pieces

    3. Endgame Tactics

    4. Endgame Strategy

    5. In-Depth Analysis of Complex Games

    6. Endgame Studies (i.e. Compositions)

    7. Electronic Resources

  • Online
  • Offline