2024 Ballarat Begonia Open

2024 Ballarat Begonia Open

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Greetings Chess Aficionados,

This will be an ongoing blog over the weekend

As the sun rises on this exciting morning, we're thrilled to welcome you to the much-anticipated 58th Begonia Open Chess Tournament in beautiful Ballarat. Today marks the commencement of a weekend filled with strategic brilliance, camaraderie, and intense chess battles.

Entries have officially closed, and we're delighted to announce that around 225 players are ready to make their moves on the board. Headed by UK's Gawain Jones the tournament promises to be hotly contested at the top. The buzz of anticipation is palpable, and we can't wait to witness the unfolding of each thrilling game.

For those who secured their spot in this prestigious event, we wish you the best of luck. May your pieces dance across the board with finesse and strategic prowess.

Now, for all the chess enthusiasts eager to follow the action from home, we've got you covered! The live games coverage for the top 10 boards can be accessed here. It's the perfect way to stay connected with the tournament and experience the excitement as it unfolds.

On-site commentary will be provided by the esteemed Grandmaster Ian Rogers, offering unique insights and analysis to those fortunate enough to be present in Ballarat. Unfortunately, Ian won't be available online for commentary, but rest assured, the atmosphere promises to be electric with his expertise echoing through the tournament hall.

We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to all the participants, sponsors, and organizers who have made this event possible. Your enthusiasm and support contribute to the success of the Ballarat Begonia Open year after year.

As the first moves are made and the chess clocks start ticking, we invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of chess. For those in Ballarat, enjoy the thrill of the live games, and for our online audience, may the digital chessboard bring you closer to the action.

Let the 2024 Ballarat Begonia Open begin – a weekend of chess excellence awaits!