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Finishing what you stated

Finishing what you stated

Jan 11, 2018, 9:11 PM 1

Hey guys Scorpio6290 here and I just wanted to get something of my chess... bu dum tiss... jokes aside this really just irritates me a quiet a lot, usually i'm not one to complain, but this is an exception. Lately in games people have been resigning, I am not talking about resigning because you need to go do something irl, that is completely understandable, no what i'm talking about is when you make a good move like taking a queen or another good move that they did not see and resigning for that reason, in my opinion its the most cowardly way to lose. If your gonna play chess, please play it the full way through, because really isn't that why we play, to learn and have fun, resigning just seems like a cop out. This is just my opinion, people might have other opinions and I respect that, but if you do that, try doing it in the real world, it might not seem as easy as pushing a button. Thanks for reading and Seeya later.tongue.png

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