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Apr 7, 2011, 9:33 AM 3


Bullet is chess crack, it's very addictive and habit forming (bad habits). i make it a priority to win every bullet battle first on the board and only secondly on time.... should i lose on time yet win on the final position, then for me its a personal victory. this is because if the opponent abandons winning the board battle only for the reason of a sneaky time win, then he has already lost mentally. the opponent in doing so makes nonsensical moves to get a time win while i make winning moves til the end, and this is good. i do not want to be the one forming a habit of using my mental energy for winning on time becuz i imagine this habit has symptoms including physical feelings of nervousness and a mental effect of feeling u are in a hurry. And lastly, if i'm down material or even worse like competely lost, and continue to move becuz i have a time advantage, then i don't see how that helps me in my improvement. sure i would get rating points for the time win, but i would only be fooling myself. say im 1800 and beat a bunch of 2100-2200 players on time and i get to 2300 rating quickly  after a short streak, well i'd be sitting there with a 2300 rating but no skill at al since i lost all games on the board. so i wasted my time getting points for not playing improving chess, this is the dilemma i see alot of players are in. yes i am somewhat addicted to bullet myself, im not perfect, whatever works right. thanks for reading.


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