How to enjoy chess! Amateur player 2408

Sep 21, 2014, 8:44 PM |

Chess! A game where there are billions of positions with tactics, positional sacrifices, and with one winner(if black draws or wins).  However, people tend to stop playing chess due to work,school, or a lack of interest.  Let's ignore work and school and focus on the lack of interest.

Most people who want to play chess competitvley have this idea that they will improve overnight.  Some think if they do 5000 puzzles or attend a bunch of tournaments they will get better.  When i was a 1200-1500 player, players would think if they memorized 40 lines deep in the Siclian Najdorf they would get better, yet their opponent would either deviate or play something they weren't aware of. 

All of us want to be the next best player, but lets admit it... the best players were born with an amazing talent, letting them excel in this game.  If your 16 and still a 1200, don't be encouraged that you won't become a grandmaster anytime soon, or  dedicate a ridiclous amount of time in chess, you might go as far as 2100; compared to others. 

My advice to you is to play the game for fun.  Play it because you like to think and find a way to checkmate your opponent.  Don't worry about the prize money or fame. If you want money or fame, I don't reccomend chess is the game for you.  Poker perhaps..? Don't worry about memorzing a bunch of theory or get angry you can't solve a mate in 3 under a minute.   When you were in high school the classes you did best in were the ones you WANTED to do and the classes you didn't do best in were the ones you were forced to.  Don't force yourself to become a better chess player.  By playing the game, and going at a steady pace, you are sure to do well.

Now, lets get back to work and school.  Whether or not you work in a cubicle or a college freshman double majoring in Bio and Chem, you might think that talking to the pretty girl at work, or chilling with friends is the way to go.  Hey, I'm not disagreeing, but if you enjoy playing chess, if you have a phone or access to a computer with internet, come on and play a blitz game or even more fun( in my opinion) bullet.  You can even bring a chess board and play with your co workers, or even start a club at your college.  Not only will you have fun, but i'm sure you can invite some girls to the club and have a good time :).  Play some blitz games for money or school your professors in a game from the time they gave you 3 essays in a week.  Hopefully if you read this far, you got something out of this blog.  It's my first blog, so I apologize for bad spelling.  It's pretty late for so I better go to bed.  Thanks to everyone who read this.  Goodluck on your chess career, and remember to always have fun :)