Danish Gambit 101 - Part 2

Danish Gambit 101 - Part 2

Mar 4, 2014, 9:16 AM |

The Danish Gambit

Schlechter Defense cont.

In the first part we looked at the Danish Gambit declined, the main ideas of this opening and some things from the Schlechter Defense. Now we're going to finish with it. The position we reached was:

Black's only good (and logical) response is 7...Nxd5, to which White should reply with 8.Nxd5. The position remains very sharp and there  is a tactic again (oh, surprise...). Have a look:

Black's best response is 8...Nc6. That's the end of the opening lines in the Schlechter Defense. If White follows the Danish Gambit main ideas he should have a good game. Onto the next topic!

Other 5th moves by black
There are A LOT, so I'll try to blitz through them, mentioning the most important info.
  • 5...Qg5 (poisoned pawn)

  • 5...Bb4+ (Copenhagen Defense)

  • 5...d6

  • 5...Nf6

That's it for part two of Danish Gambit 101. If you have any questions or critique - down in the comments below.Smile