Getting better at chess!? #1 introduction

Jul 13, 2016, 9:08 AM |

In this blog I want to describe and think over my difficult way to get better chess. I have been playing online and blitz on this page for several years now and in the years to come I like to get better at chess OTB. As you can see in my profile, for now I have the following ratings:   online ca. 1900, Blitz 1500-1600, tactics around 1800. Perhaps you are a player of similar strength and this blog can help you in some way.

So what I am doing now is to finish my running online games and tournaments to find more time for training and analyse of games.

So in the following months I will write what im doing, think about what is working and what is not, tell about difficulties I encounter and show my analyses to everyone who cares.

Recently, I was playing a tournament OTB with 15 minutes per game - my second tournament ever and the first since 2012! After loosing the first and second game, I got used to the circumstances and managed to get 5.5 out of 9 games. I lost 2 games in the endgame and lost another half point in the endgame, because my opponent gave perpetual chess. So in the next weeks the endgame will be a special part of my training. In the next parts of this blog, I will explain what I am doing to get better in the endgame, how I practice it, which books I am using and which of them I can recommend to other players of similar strength.