~Caught between a moment that has yet to happen and maybe never was at all~

You smile that crooked smile, a clever deceit, as the deepest sadness lingers in your eyes and pierces the thick air that lays heavily between our warm bodies and our cold hearts. I ache to believe that artfully crafted look of affection that beckons me from across this profaned bed in which we lay our troubled heads. We desperately grope for an escape, as we hang on each other's slanderous lips, biting gently with those same teeth behind which we speak infinite falsehoods day in and day out, hoping that perhaps our empty words will one day shape our reality. Two hearts so bent that perhaps together they might form a single beat. But what are the chances they fit within one another? But what do we really have to lose? Maybe you were created just for me, to complement my every downfall, to fill every empty space within my soul. Or perhaps I am only feebly attempting to mold you into that perfect puzzle piece within my sentimental reveries. We both know it's all a lie. Or is it? Maybe we'll look the other way for just another night. You read to me in a thoughtlessly concocted accent tales of happier worlds, from a time and place where everything is alive with passion and every person's counterpart lies right beneath their nose. In that ephemeral moment, I feel a breath of warmth run through my frozen veins. As the shadows of the candlelight dance along your dingy walls, taunting us with their impermanence, I reach over and pull your fragile body closer to mine, yearning to forget that soon you will be gone. Lie to me a little longer; I will gladly play pretend.