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No More "Draw by Repetition" for Me

No More "Draw by Repetition" for Me

Dec 31, 2009, 2:48 PM 3

Cool After 4 Draws in "55" Games that should have been "4" Wins for me I had to "Study" the so call " 3 Move Repetition Rule" in order to "Stop" giving my Opponent a Draw by Repetition and "Avoid" his, her,or "computer"the Loss they so deserve. Sincerely, Seymour "06" Cool 

Oh!  Note: "The 3 Move Repetition" rule is a way to "Avoid Checkmate" & " & I believe that the "Player" who uses that Rule to "Avoid Checkmate" should " Lose "& not get a" Draw" & Final Note:" I have never used that Rule" but it`s used  against me to "Avoid Checkmate" ok Cool

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