My games in 2nd OTB tournament (Delhi Open and Students Chess Tournament)

May 13, 2014, 9:33 AM |

... I played in OPEN category in this tournament but didn't got a good score in the end . There were 70-75 contestants (5-10 added after the final list so i don't know how many guys excatly participated there in OPEN category) . Sadly I finished up 13/75 with a score of 4.5/7 just because of only loss against 1886 coach which could have been easily avoided .

... And yes I was the ONLY unlucky guy who faced all the rated opponents there :'(

Game 1 : John P.B (1461) vs Pawan Sharma 



Game 2 : Pawan Sharma vs Alok Sinha (1580) 

Game 3 : Santosh Singh(1727) vs Pawan Sharma   


Day 2 Game 4 : Pawan Sharma vs Deepak Rai (1886)


Game 5 : Manish vats (1578) vs Pawan Sharma


Game 6 : Deepak Kr. Gupta (1683) vs Pawan Sharma


Because of that lose in round 4 ,  draw was not an option in the next game . Draw = 800 rs loss , Lose = 800 rs loss so i played recklessly , greatly risky because draw meant loss there 

Game 7 : Pawan Sharma vs Milind Parle (1667)


As a conclusion I only suffered in the Tournament playing really really bad games , drawing winning games , losing drawish games . Also i faced all rated i.e 1461,1580,1727,1886,1578,1683,1667 but I can't blame my luck for my position . The loss would have probably ended my chess career but now i have decided to continue my chess career ...