The Art of Attack

The Art of Attack

Dec 18, 2017, 5:33 AM |

Hi Chess Players!

This is my first blog on chess and on too. I am hopeful that this blog shall be informational to you.  I am starting this blog because it is by sharing, one grows. I want blogging to be a learning experience.  Hence, all the constructive criticism and feedback is welcome.   

Today, I will share with you a game which I played on a few days ago.  This game is about attacking a castled king by activating your pieces and at the same time, depriving your opponent's pieces the space to move.



The rest of the game is now a puzzle for you to solve. 


 Lessons learnt from the game:

1) Develop your pieces well in time.

2) Don't let your opponents pieces stay in your camp ( The white bishop on h6 stayed there for the rest of the game giving a hard time to black)

3) Be relentless. Don't give your opponent any chance for counterattack which might turn the tables.