Chessmaster Awesome!! (Once again...)
Custom red and black metallic chess set. Chessmaster chess software by Ubisoft.

Chessmaster Awesome!! (Once again...)

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Does anyone still play Chessmaster? if so, how about renewing the game with new textures for the old chess sets? There are many free or for personal use textures that can be downloaded from the internet to create new sets and it's easy to make new ones using graphics editors. You can see some examples below...

I created a blog to display and share some custom sets: (no ads and no profit).

IMPORTANT: Ubisoft does not endorse or support any content from the postings made by me. The mods posted were made following the instructions of the official forum of the game.

Here at there is a post asking for help modifying the chess sets "", my post is to show results and possibly help someone interested in playing with it.

PS: I can share the textures made by me and help you make your own.

The tool used to extract textures is:
CM Dat Texture Extractor.

DatTexExtract DatTexExtract

All downloads and instructions:

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