May Blitz & Memes
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May Blitz & Memes

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Hello, my fellow puzzle lovers, and welcome to another edition of Blitz & Memes. If you're a fan of tactics taken from amateur online blitz tournaments, then you have come to the right place, because that is what I do.

As ever, the puzzles have been pulled from the Japan Chess Federation's monthly blitz tournament: TGIF Blitz. The tourney takes place on the 3rd Friday of every month, 21:00 JST, right here on It is composed of seven rounds of blitz, with a time control of 3+2; and is open to all JCF club members.

The memes, I pillaged from various haunts on the InterWebs.

Good luck trying to solve all 5 puzzles on the first go-round, there is a least one that might leave you scratching your head.

So, without further ado, lets get to the Blitz & Memes.

Looking forward to the new chess docu from Netflix...

Checks, Captures and Threats

In this 5th round encounter, Out_of_the_Zoo, playing Black, who espouses the Elephant Gambit, and other animal themed openings was able to take advantage of White's last move.

Can you make a quick end to things?

It's hard being a clown...

Queen's End

In this 4th round match-up, Out_of_the_Zoo, playing White was able to win this game in just 11 moves.

Can you see how he forced an early resignation?

Lies! By Gawd, Lies!


In this 2nd round clash, Lycaon-Pictus playing Black was able to find this brilliant tactic...but he was playing against an IM so he lost anyways...

White just revealed an attack on the Black queen, can you find the best defense?

Sad, but true...

Double Jeopardy

In this 3rd round clash, Fifth_something playing White was able to make a couple of accurate moves in order to get the better of his opponent.

Can you see how White takes advantage of Black's piece placement?

Stockfish is harsh in its criticism.

Zero Point Zero

Our final tactic comes from the 6th round. Here Diego_Yokohama_Chess playing White is able to play two brilliant moves in a row, unfortunately his efforts only lead to the Comps eternal 0.00 evaluation...but it was that or lose.

Can you find the only path to equality?

And that was it, that was May Blitz & Memes. Congratulations to IM rnanjo for winning with a 6/7 score. But perhaps more importantly, congratulations to you few who were able to solve all 5 puzzles on the first go-round; you truly are incredible solvers of tactics taken from online amateur blitz games.

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to share these puzzles and memes with your friends down at the Library or Office.

Cheers, SheldonOfOsaka.

A healthy reminder...