A Draw with an IM - first time!

Oct 26, 2015, 11:01 AM |

This weekend I played in a simul against IM Alexander Matros at Lancaster University in England.  There were 18 boards mostly filled with Management School students (they had absolutely no idea how to play chess and so the event was fairly informal as they ran around and got drunk) so the pressure was on the 5 of us who actually knew how to play chess.


Four members of the Chess Society at Lancaster played, with two teaming up on one board due to scheduling conflicts.  The other two chess players folded fairly quickly under the pressure but we managed to carry on.  My teammate Dan was holding a R+N vs. Q position with most of the pawns left on the board for a while Kshitij+Alkis kept the most complicated position on the board out of all of the participants.  

I held a slightly worse position for several moves when all three of us made the draw due to the event having already lasted 4 hours - all the beginners held completely losing positions for several hours prolonging the end for absolutely no reason, sometimes sacrificing pieces just to not get mated.

Despite all this, the pressure was definitely on the three of our boards as the only competent players there.

I should add that this is the first time that my analysis is completely independent (without an engine) and comes directly from my thought process during the game - comments are welcomed!

I definitely enjoyed playing my first IM and hope to play one again soon - I should take a look at opening theory though as this was definitely a surprise!