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Midwest Intercollegiate Chess Tournament

Apr 28, 2014, 10:17 AM 0

This Saturday the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities hosted a 'Midwest' Intercollegiate Chess Tournament, organized by yours truly (the captain) and the rest of the team, in which top teams from Wisconsin and Minnesota participated.  UWO Oshkosh brought two teams, UM Duluth one, local high school Eden Prarie one, and the UM Twin Cities had two teams.  Several experts were playing in the round robin team section as well as NM Kevin Bu, a senior in Eden Prarie high school.  The tournament lasted 5 rounds and ended with the UM Twin Cities taking first and third place with 22 and 11 points respectively.  Local high school Eden Prarie won second place with 19 total points, a very decent score considering the average ratings of the other teams.  This will become a yearly event and next year the top games will be posted!  The ultimate goal of all our schools is to promote chess in the Midwest and have a varsity chess league competing, so that St. Louis is not the only major scene in this section of the United States!

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