Practicing Light Square Restraint - Obeying Nimzowitschian Rules

Nov 28, 2015, 7:55 AM |
Hi all
I played a very instructive game recently that demonstrates the power of central passed pawns and the role of restriction upon certain squares.  While I lost the game, it still has great instructional value - I don't think I'll ever play the Chigorin again after this.  The time control with G/90 for the first 40 moves with an additional 20 minutes afterwards for the remainder of the game.  I hope you enjoy it!
Principles to be taken from this:
  • Pay attention to weak diagonals when a certain colored bishop is on the board - these diagonals can change based on how you dedicate your pawn structure, allowing the white knight to come to c4 only improved the position of the light diagonals for white
  • Be prepared to move your knights around to help practice restriction - The c6 knight was usually the worst piece on the board, moving it to f5 so it could be taken got rid of it but also removed a vital defender of the d5 and c6 light squares
  • Don't dedicate your pawn chain before you understand the positional imbalances upon the board - my mistake by pushing b5 too late to attempt to control the c4 square