Wednesday Knighter

May 28, 2015, 1:45 PM |

I've continued my goal of playing in more tournaments in order to update my rating and played one game every Wednesday for one month.  I won the U1800 prize but didn't necessarily play my best.

The first game was a b6 Bird where black gave up the queenside right from the beginning of the game.  

The second was another Bird where black got in e5 and my aggressive queenside play quickly fell apart; I should have maintained a quieter position by trading off the dark squared bishops.

My third game was extremely crazy with the computer changing it's opinion every move that we both made as to who was better; possibly the most complicated I've every attempted.  Who would've known a Chigorin could get this strange?

The fourth game was quite dry until same colored bishops appeared in the endgame - I had the attack and my opponent helped by blundering a central pawn and the game but move order was always an interesting theme.

I hope you enjoy the games!  If you have a comment on one of my lines let me know!  The third one is particularly interesting to toss around variations for.