How to win with the English - An INTJ's perspective

How to win with the English - An INTJ's perspective

Apr 4, 2016, 12:58 PM |

Hi all!


I am a class A USCF player who, in the interest of further improving my chess to a NM level, I have started a youtube channel where I analyze games (both my own and top grandmasters), key positions, and tactical puzzles such as endgame studies that are considerably difficult to solve.


As I am an INTJ in the chess world, I have named my channel thusly:

Go INTJ's!!!!


I have just released my first video on English structures, with a nice win over a 1950.  I discuss the importance of piece activity over material and how to view a position accordingly.  Here is the link:


In the chess world, communication and encouragement are key to the success of chess players.  I would welcome any subscriptions and feedback on the videos so that we can all improve our games!  


As one last tidbit, I am preparing a series of videos on Giri's technique and drawing misinterpretations as a smidgen of controversy.  Hopefully, this will go over quite well!



Shi_Tou (pronounced Sure Toe, it's Chinese)