Finding the "way" in chess...

Aug 19, 2009, 10:18 PM |

Hi Everyone!

Shooter 262 reporting in.  As a chess player, have you ever wondered how to go about pursuing the execution of a game?  A dilemna shared by many I am sure.  Seeing how to react to a potential variety of moves that can be posed by your opponent surely can tax the best of our analytical abilities as chess players.  Should one develop an ability to analyze all available options to where he or she would see an imaginary table of chess notation flashing through their minds or would attainment of an ability to just "flow with it" be more desirable?

I have found after many games and having read a myriad of chess books that the philosophy of looking for imbalances that is outlined in Jeremy Sylman's "How to Reassess Your Chess" to be invaluable.  This along with the concepts in Vukovic's "The Art of Attack" in chess I feel are two works that no player can do without.

But enough for now.  This is Shooter 262 signing off.