Board 1, Braunstone 3 v Wigston 4, 19/04/16

Apr 20, 2016, 8:16 AM |

All moves in 80m.

Crazy game ... and my first 'blunder a piece and win anyway' game of the season.

Had I played 17. Qb3, which was my original plan, I would have won easily and rated it as good a game as I have played in a while - for some reason I had not expected 16 ... Bg6, so I panicked and changed plan, which let his queen get active.

I spent ages on my 20th move, trying to work out how to continue the attack, failed to find one and then played a move that I realised lost a piece as soon as I had played it.

I continued as I had an attacking position, and my opponent's seemingly 'natural' developing play left him suddenly, stone cold lost.  Funny game, chess.