Board 1, Loughborough 3 v Wigston 5, 25/11/15

Nov 26, 2015, 6:03 AM |

All moves in 75 minutes, with 10s increment from start.

Another game not won ... but this was a draw against the highest rated player I have played so far this season, so not too bad a result.

I was massively ahead on time for most of the thegame.  He offered me a draw with 3 minutes left (plus increments) whilst I had 12 minutes.  Given my recent experience of messing up endgames, I thought a draw a decent outcome as he had the advantage.

My opponent admitted afterwards that his loss of the d-pawn was a mistake.  I had not spotted 17 ... Bg5 for some reason; prior to that I thought I was ahead and comfortable, but it then got a bit messy.