Board 2, Wigston 2 v Wigston 1, 04/02/16

Feb 5, 2016, 4:37 AM |

All moves in 75m, with 10s increment from move 1.

Owing to the Gibraltar Tournament, and other reasons, a very weak Wigston 2 took on Wigston1, with me on Board 2.  My opponent was graded 50 ECF points higher than me (that is around 400 FIDE points), so I'm fairly happy with the game, despite losing.

My endgame technique let me down, again, but the R3f3 and h5 moves caused him some problems, and a lot of time.  I should have kept the queens on and pressed his time trouble ... but I didn't!

By the end we only had a couple of minutes left each, and I had the consolation of my game finishing well over half an hour after all the others!