Board 3, Wigston 4 v Market Harborough, 22/10/15

Oct 23, 2015, 12:22 AM |

All moves in 65m plus 10s increment from the start.

Well, quite a game!

I played passively, partly because at no stage could I actually see how he was going to checkmate me, and I always felt my position had strengths once his attack petered out.  As a consequence, I underestimated the power of the attack that he built up.

I saw that 22 ... Qb3 then 23. e4 probably led to a draw (Post Script - the computer says it actually should have led  to a winning endgame for him by putting his king to e1 not g1), but I really could not see what happened if he played 23. Bd2 instead.  I spent 15 minutes after the game going through that position with a far stronger player and we were still not clear - there are some amazing lines there!

Putting it all through the computer ... and my gut feeling was apparently correct, I could - for example - take the kight on f6 and tough it out.  That felt very brave otb.  Indeed, I should have played Qb3 earlier, apparently.