Board 5, Wigston 3 v Syston 2, 04/12/14

Dec 5, 2014, 12:13 PM |

All moves in 75 minutes, with a 10 second increment from move one.

One of my worst games of chess ever!  I hadn't faced the Albin-Chatard for decades, and seem to remember falling into a trap last time I did so.  I had lost a piece within about 20 minutes of the game starting.  My opponent, who I last played in the mid-1970s, likes a tactical game and sacrificed the piece back.

My 18. ... e5 move was a last desperate attempt to get some space and play ... and it worked.  Once the dust had settled, we both made numerous errors - taking it in turns to give a winning position to each other; I can only assume my opponent thought his final move was delivering mate.

We were both tired although could not blame time trouble: at the end he had 19 minutes left and I had 8.

Anyway, a win's a win - however ill deserved - and the team also got their first win of the season.