Jeremy Silman's First Novel

My novel, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A GOAT (the paper and ebook versions), is now available on Amazon. Please keep in mind that this is for ADULTS ONLY (heavy drug use, sexual situations, and rampant insanity)!

I feel it hits on many levels. At times it’s very funny, at other times it’s extremely perverse, and at other times its thoughtful/sexual/sad/philosophic/manic, and it leaps to mindsets and places that won’t be familiar (or in many cases, acceptable) to many readers.


Science fiction writer Vance Aandahl had this to say:

“A Goat is born!  From the feverish womb of Jeremy Silman’s imagination, the Goat comes bursting forth on a flood of blood, mucus, afterbirth, and psychedelic effluvia!  Rejoice!  Then run for your lives!”


The book’s description:


When Eli Rubinstein marries a German woman (nicknamed Beast) who may or may not be homosexual and may or may not be Hitler youth, it’s not surprising that things go horribly wrong. In an effort to get rid of this nightmarish female, Eli finds himself fighting for survival in the slums of London, handing out payoffs to crooked cops in Chicago, and finally ending up in the gay-friendly climes of San Francisco during the waning days of the Haight Ashbury drug and free love movement.

Though this dark, perverse, funny, erotic, and somewhat insane story is ultimately about Eli’s battle for freedom, disparate tales about Crowley Magick, the professional world of chess and backgammon, a vampire attack in San Francisco’s golden gate park, UFOs in the Oregon woods, and the wise lessons of a Haight Ashbury holy man paint a picture of a colorful time, not so long ago, that no longer exists.


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    little early for april fools joke

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  • 11 months ago


    Please keep in mind that this is for ADULTS ONLY 

    The best public relation ever., Mr. Silman!  ;-)

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    Awesome . . . thanks for letting us know.

  • 17 months ago


    Aw man, i was really expecting an actual novel of a goat's life and have some laughs.

    But still, great work! 

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    (heavy drug use, sexual situations, and rampant insanity)!

    Silman.....youve changed..........

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    So.... An IM wrote a book... And he felt like making it crazy....


    Shit's gonna happen.

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    Looks good. Nothing like dropping names like Crowley, Hubbard, etc. to bring the "EXPERTS" (i.e. uninformed idiots) out in full's amazing how many people are so easily controlled by symbols.

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    "lovellisaiah:Crowley was a satan worshipper and I will never read such a book as this because it promotes Crowley's stanic ideaologies"

    Mindless dullards like this make me want to buy the book, paint a pentacle, invite Baal and sacrifice something (a Rook?) to the Gods, in the hope that evolution gets a move on and the last of them die out. Bet he's never read any Crowley (I'm not a big fan, think he was part searcher/conman/joker) and is probably happy to see his country murder and maim around the globe - its the Christian thing to do.

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    Bob wants you to buy this book. It's fantastic.

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    The book is a work of fiction filled with people with psychological problems and hang-ups. Ironically, one of the most diabolical characters bears much in common with those on this site who are dismissing the work unread because of references to Crowley.

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    This only serves to confirm my suspicions
    That I'm still a man in need of a Savior

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    This is not the normal chess book... lol

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