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Push Those Pawns!!!!

Push Those Pawns!!!!

Feb 23, 2017, 5:35 PM 0
Don't neglect your pawns! These precious pieces are the heart and soul of chess. As the foot soldiers of chess, these often forgotten pieces hold the game together. While a good pawn structure provides a decisive advantage, things like backward, isolated, and doubled pawns usually spell doom with correct play by the opponent. Some features of a good pawn structure include
-control of the center, kingside, and queenside
-relatively fast piece development
-enhanced maneuverability
-more attacking squares/targets
It is said that two pawns on the 6th rank are more powerful than a rook, and in rare cases, like this example, can even tie down a queen! Make sure to study; the database on this website includes 246 games played by the legendary high-priest of pawns, Paul Morphy (learn - games- Paul Morphy). Studying games not only shows how great you CAN be, but how good you WILL be with enough practice and experience.

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