Essential Endgames: Rook & Pawn vs Rook (Preventing the Lucena Position)

Essential Endgames: Rook & Pawn vs Rook (Preventing the Lucena Position)

Dec 29, 2015, 8:13 AM |

In the first article of my "Essential Endgames" series on R+P vs R endgames <>, I introduced you to the Lucena Position (see diagram below).

This is the basic winning position for White, and in my previous article, we learned how to win the game from this position.

Now consider the following diagram:

Is this a winning position for White? Think about it carefully...

No! It's not a winning position because it's not a Lucena Position. And if Black can prevent White from reaching a Lucena Position, then Black can save the game.

However, Black must know the drawing technique...

But, first, let's have a look at a typical game excerpt where Black doesn't know what he's doing:

In our example above, Black erred when he let White play Kg6. In other words, Black (the defender) must prevent White from bringing the White king to the 6th rank in front of the White pawn.

So going back to the start position in our game excerpt, how does Black prevent Kg6?

Let's have a look:

Ok! Let's test your understanding of the Third Rank Defence:

In my next article, we'll look at the Philidor (or Third Rank) Defence in more detail. Stay tuned!