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Asheville June Open Round 3

Asheville June Open Round 3

Jul 20, 2017, 11:06 AM 0

The last round of the day and a chance to, if not gain a few points, then at least maintain close to where I was when I started. Having been paired way down, I have learned in years past to never assume a result is a foregone conclusion based on ratings. This effort further solidifies that. Even though I was (again) able to achieve what I thought was a good position, my opponent played solid moves and I spent way too much time trying to find ways to convert the advantage. As a result, I ended up hanging a knight with less than a minute on my clock (my opponent had plenty of time left). As much as I am not a fan of playing blitz chess (for me, it makes my thinking too shallow), I think that spending some time in that area is needed so that I can handle the time scrambles better. 


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