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Carolinas Classic Round 2

Carolinas Classic Round 2

Jun 16, 2017, 5:57 PM 0

My 2nd round game went much different than I was wanting. It was my first game of the day and at 1pm, so I couldn't use any fatigue excuses, haha. I was simply outplayed and my opponent made no mistakes that I could take advantage of. Looking back now, I see where I could have done some things differently, but OTB and in the heat of battle, these ideas did not occur to me. The lessons I take away from this loss is that I need to prevent central breakthroughs if possible, and also to not push my pawns too far up the board where they be picked off, along with activating my King earlier. This endgame demonstrates a nice use of the opposition, outflanking, and zugzwang (all by my opponent unfortunately lol)

All of the analysis is my own. No engines used to generate the lines (that's how we learn, right?) Comments welcome!




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