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Carolinas Classic Round 4

Carolinas Classic Round 4

Jun 23, 2017, 11:28 AM 0

Ahhh, the Sunday morning round of a weekend Swiss tournament. Not being a morning person, these can be pretty rough but at least this one was at 10am and not 9am like some others. This was an interesting game. I felt like I obtained a good position in the opening, but then started to lose the thread of what I needed to be doing. After going down 2 pawns, I tried to open some lines up and create some chances. Fortunately, it worked in my favor after several active moves. One thing I have learned is that passive play most always ends in defeat. Material must take a backseat to activity and the initiative. 

As always, all analysis (and errors in analysis) is my own. I don't fire up the engine until after the game is posted :-)


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