A 30 minute game.

May 29, 2012, 4:19 AM |
Points Learned
1: We learned that we should always consider a forced queen exchange, because like a move that forces something it is just that, forced, so it's easy to calculate and should be. Taking the ladies off the board is always worth considering.
2: We already knew that having an isolated d-pawns means you have dynamic compensation. What we learned today was obviously, that if you can get an isolated d-pawn, with an advantage in development, it is not something to be afraid, actually, quite the contrary, use the development advantage to prove your dynamic superiority.
3: We learned that sometimes, it is okay to make a seemingly passive move as long as you have long term compensation. For example, I was afraid of retreating the bishop because I thought it looked passive, but it was actually quite good. After all, black would have the bishop pair, thus a long term advantage and that should have been hold onto in this particular instance.