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Dutch Disaster

Dutch Disaster

Dec 30, 2012, 2:16 AM 12
In the following game I was playing white against a comrade of mine.
Somehow the game ended in only 16 moves, so let's try and see what went wrong for black in the Dutch Defence.
I think the main points from the game are:
1: Follow the principles of the opening unless there is a good reason not too. Black didn't even develop his queenside knight in the game.
2: Know the general placement of your pieces in the opening/defence, by doing so you avoid misplacing your pieces like the bishop on b7.
3: Don't move a piece twice in the opening. This is kind of rule 1 again, but I wanted to repeat it.
4: When a piece move, check the following:
-What does the pieces attack?
-What does the piece intend? (Threatening fork, powerful reposition, nothing?)
-What does the piece no longer defend. (Pieces, squars, diagonals)
-What files and diagonals were opened, closed by the piece moving and can it be used?
Please have a nice day and leave a comment if you feel like it.

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