Nimzoroy (2147) vs SimaSun (1473)

Jul 28, 2012, 11:52 AM |

The article begins

We often hear we need to play stronger players and I believe following this rule is a good idea.
Before I started playing stronger players I didn't like the idea very much. I imagined myself losing game after game, for unknown reasons or complicated tactics that would serve little help in teaching me, but playing stronger players have now become a part of my routine and I do not care too much about my rating, because what I care for, is the knowledge and experience.

Today, I have decided to share my first win against an over 2000+ player here on and admittedly it's not particularly impressive play, but we can still learn from it.
Please enjoy the following short game:

So, from this game we learned that even the best makes mistakes. Even Gelfand can blunder a queen in the world championship match and even NimzoRoy can over look a simple double attack. Why is this important?

Well, it means, that if anyone can make a mistake, you can in principle beat anybody, so go out there and play some strong players!!

Second of all, it was obvious I did not understand just how important the white centre was and I will have to give this more consideration in the future.

Third of all, yes, we can learn from our games, even if we won. This is important to know, because many don't seem to realise or want to acknowledge that.

Please leave a coment and please give me any critice of constructive nature that you want. It's most appreciated.

Also please tell me if you want more of this and what you are missing. I know I missed a key variation or two and I apologise for that if you are annoyed by it, but I hope you found the rest insightful. Please take care people and I apologise for spellings mistakes in advance.

Sima Sun.