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My alternative: How to beat a veteran of the Polish Opening?

My alternative: How to beat a veteran of the Polish Opening?

May 2, 2013, 8:27 AM 10
Hello everybody! This is my first blog post ever and with this one I would like you to get to know me better. This is why I decided to post a game played by myself. I think that the game I have chosen was one of the most interesting games of mine in the Sokolsky Opening (1. b4) called also the Polish Opening! I knew my opponent very well and I could tell his style of playing games. Note, he would play 1. b4 in every single game (therefore he was extremely experienced in this opening), which I really liked. I knew exactly what to expect, so I could provide my preparations for the game effectively. While choosing a variation for a game, I was inspired with the game Skrzypczak played against Sobolewski in 2009. If you want to, you can follow a couple of moves from the game:

I analyzed the game along with my engine and I thought that I would be fond of having the position Sobolewski had after some moves so I was inspired with the game. In the game I played against Skrzypczak one year later, you can see that I implied some ideas of Sobolewski but I stregthened them enough to achieve a prospetive position and finally manage to win the game! Please enjoy an alternative I have worked out. It might serve you as an idea of responding to the Polish Opening in the future, one day you may also play a game against a freaky guy playing 1. b4 ;)
I hope you liked some of the analysis I have made here. Although this was not done very professionally, I thought you would forgive me the brief form of this post (probably it could be more elaborate).

The most important part of the post for me: Feel free and encouraged to comment or ask questions below. I am looking forward to hearing your remarks!

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