Maintain Focus!

Mar 21, 2012, 11:35 PM |

Well, shame has brought me into the world of blogging.  In my last game against gio_ge, I completely forgot to remember what my priority was after losing focus, which cost me my h Rook.  My priority was to remove the opposing player's rook off of my back rank.  As I looked things over, I couldn't find a move to further help my cause, so I decided to change gears and focus on attacking.  After the admitted (blunder?) of losing his queen, my opponent gave me an opportunity to really get an attack going.  I was slowly killing his army, while putting pressure on two pieces, and the back rank.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to resecure my back rank, where my king remained in horrible position.  This quickly led to my demise.  The lesson: don't forget the main priority and plan.  Oh, and make sure you fully see the board, and calculate to maximum ability, to avoid stupid mistakes and blunders.


If I knew how to post the game I most certainly would.  However, due to my ignorance, I will at least present you with a link to the game.  Constructive criticism and analysis is encouraged.