Is thinking & deciding on your behalf?

Dec 22, 2014, 2:17 PM |

Just think about it.

If you want to watch a live game (Live Chess) decided for you, that you want to watch what they decided is the top game. No options given. If you want to choose a different game or to follow a series of games between players you will need to cancel what chose for you in the first place. Why? Why treat us all of us as we cannnot decide what we want to watch?

In the other hand if you are if you decided to participate in a game-chat and you wrtite something that doesn't like they just banned you, out of the bat. Come on!! Are you kidding? Any brower give you an option for adult content, any game, any site is doing the same BUT not for them you are a kid that you can get offended or your eyes can bleed if you see some swering or something.

When will growth up and let us decide what live games we want to wathc without giving us their default option? when they will growth up and let us decide what content in a chat we can manage? it is time for you guys to growth up