Attack your opening!  A site-wide challenge

Attack your opening! A site-wide challenge

Dec 3, 2009, 2:12 PM |

Here's an interesting discussion topic that was spun off of a comment an expert chess friend of mine gave me a while back.

His comment was meant for teaching purposes:

          "Ben, sometimes an interesting way to teach people how to attack in chess is to stop at a certain position where they have an initiative and ask them to make 3 or 4 moves in a row."

Well, I've thought about that a lot and it does work to help improve planning out a position & helps to demonstrate why move-order is crucial.

Now this blog is going to be about openings, but along the same lines...  (no pun intended).  White is known to have an advantage with moving first.  They get to dictate the game, to a certain extent, and being familiar with an opening can be a huge advantage.  However, us novices don't always have that knowledge. 

My question - or maybe better described as "challege" - is meant for both experienced and inexperienced chess players: 

If you could have 3 unanswered moves as white to start off the game, as opposed to 1, what would they be?

Think about: 

  • Can you really bury your opponent?
  • What will it take for black to stop it?
  • What are some creative combinations...
  • What is the 'best' solution...

I'm looking for interesting concepts, powerful positions, etc...

Response is absolutely critical for this to be a successful blog post!  So help me out -- If you read this and it is an intriguing idea, please take the time to get back to me and post your ideas!  Maybe this idea is the next 'chess 960?!'  ...or maybe it's just an interesting idea to try out & 'even the odds' when playing against someone much stronger or weaker than you are.