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Recorded Matches - SirBenjamin v. Dad

Recorded Matches - SirBenjamin v. Dad

Sep 13, 2009, 6:34 PM 4

Improving at chess is an exciting thing and a great motivator to continue the battle to make yourself better.  I learned chess when I was very young from my father, and throughout the years, it's been a very infrequent game here and there between us.  He has always had the upper hand and extraordinary vision, normally resulting in a fairly easy win!

However, for the past few months, I resolved to improve my skill.  We played yesterday during an informal get-together.  This game is a great example of what piece development & eliminating your opponents threats early can do for you.  I felt fairly comfortable the entire game, knowing what my plan was and keeping it in mind the entire time.  In my dad's defense, there was a football game on at the time.  And to further pad his stats, I burnt my pizza creating this blog post....

Below is our match:

I will continue to post our games here in this thread, so if you enjoyed this particular blog post, be sure to check back in every so often for updates.

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