Refusing to Resign

Oct 1, 2013, 9:28 PM |

I have come under fire for refusing to resign games.  When I feel a game is totally lost, I do normally resign, but sometimes, I feel like I can withstand my opponent's superior power long enough to find a tactic to upset the balance.  Also, sometimes I just want to see how you intend to mate me.  Cool

When I do this, I do not intend to show any disrespect to my opponent.  On the contrary, I feel you are providing me a lesson.  Though I do admit dislike for players that start amassing a huge group of queens or something.  Did they forget that mating your opponent is the goal?  Surely trying to force a resignation seems to prove you lack the ability to make a mate.  Cool

Well, anyways, enough rambling about that for now.  Please comment.  Cool