I'll Be Fine


A song I wrote. Leave a comment and tell me what you think and what tune you think it should have (genre)

You said you had to go

You said you needed some time alone

But even I know

Those are just the reasons you show

Just excuses that you own


When you go out to the world

When you step across the line

Don’t worry about me

I’ll be fine

Yes I’ll be fine


You may think it’s all sublime

This great big place to run

But give it some time

Pretty soon

You’ll be done


When you leave the shelter

To face the storm

Just know I’ll be here

Dry and warm


So don’t worry

I’ll be fine

When you’re out there on your own

And you’re starting to condone

Everything you see

When you think of me

I’ll be fine

Yes I’ll be fine

I will be, just sublime

I’ll be fine