Last Day

Oct 6, 2010, 12:22 PM |

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I am the virus, I am the cure

I may be evil but I may be pure

I am the end, that’s just beginning

I’ll never lose, but I can’t start winning


I try, to reach for you

But you, are fading away

No time, to fight for you

This, is my last day


I will not fail, I can’t succeed

My skin is tough, but I’m gonna bleed

Watch me fly before I hit the ground

I’m shouting but it makes no sound


Don’t lie, speak the truth

I want, to hear what you say

Before, you twist the truth

Cause this is your last day


You’re right, I could be wrong

But I’m the one, who wrote this song


So I, will not tell lies

And I, will not be had

I'm the one, who decides

What’s right, and what is bad


We will die, to live on again

We won’t stop, if you say when

We will buy, but we won’t pay

It’s time, for our last day


Fade away

Our last day