Pretend To Be


A song I wrote. Leave a comment to let me know what you think and what tune you think it should have (genre). Also, this is just a song…really…I never lie. ;)

I am what I pretend to be

Ever since you left me

The power over

What I convey


Never show what I feel

Never gonna make me kneel

I say what I want to hear

I won’t show any fear


What I pretend to be

Isn’t really me

It’s what I want you

To see


I say what I wanna say

Show what I wanna show

I won’t let you ever know

What’s inside of me

I’ll keep it a mystery

The way I want it to be

But not really


No one can handle this

I feel like Atlas

The weight of the world

On my shoulders

I’ll protect everyone

From the dangers

Inside of me

But not really


What I pretend to be

What I wanna be

I’ll be anything

You want to see

Just tell me

And I’ll pretend