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Lars blog

May 11, 2013, 2:18 AM 1

Hie i am an old guy   - who loves chess and still today finds satisfaktion in the game al though i gave up the dream on ever becoming a grand master some 30 years ago. chess today has become a some kind of relaxation for me while i am working and i makes the days fly away-  I play some tournements when i have the energi ( my work is hard) - so i will show a little game i played som 14 days ago . my rating is 1856 and i am whare that i dont play enough to get to the magic 2000 level allthouh i hear from some up there it is not difficult - in hear i play these 24 hours or 3 days tournement and it makes my positonal skill better-( good advice -Play a lot of those in hear and if you are a potent grandmaster novice take notes and analysed it with a good player afterwoods  if you have someone around 2200 or 2300 it is good . The game i played was without any significanse because i had lost the 1 game in the tournment and could not get in front of the leading players although  i had to show the others that the should win there games both if not i could still sneak in for 2. place. well hear it is

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