Lisbon Cup-1st Round

Last weekend was played the 1st round of the Lisbon Cup.Clube TAP A faced Clube TAP B.It ended up being a very uneventfull match as the A team easily materialised their supperiority winning by convincing 4-0.The first 3 boards ended up without a fight,the 4th where i played(against the much higher ranked Pedro Martins) seemed to go to an unclear pawn ending when i blundered badly.Hope you enjoy!Comments wil be more than welcome.


  • 7 years ago


    As we were both entering time problems,i overlooked this simple tactic.Black was slightly better,but game could have gone either way.It was a missed chance of good result against a top 100 portuguese player.Better games will come :)

  • 7 years ago


    awww, it was a bit complicated I think. 

  • 7 years ago


    the game was reali interesting and i realy dont think it was cat and mouse chase. You played well and he had a hard time to realize all his wishes. unfortunately you were first player who made mistake and he brabbed his chance. could be all around. So good game friend!

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