Small advices for some quality in chess

Sep 13, 2007, 1:46 AM |

Hope this help  something for people struggling with their game.Just some advices

1)Study a couple of openings and their variants, it s no use to know many openings if you can t deal with their many options.Master a couple of them and progressively learn more.

2)Try to analyse the board in the perspective of squares control.See the squares you control, the ones you don t, the ones you might loose and the others you can get

3) Before any move search for pinnings

4)Search for possible forks

5)No one likes to loose figures, but search for quality sacrifices and sackings, some do pay off

6)Don t get focused exclusively in one part of the board, many times kingside is very well guarded and queenside unprotected

7)Don t play the moves just for the present, analyse consequences,future moves, extrapolate consequences.