5 Brilliant moves in on day !!!!!!!!

5 Brilliant moves in on day !!!!!!!!

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Today i was feeling bored at home !

So i decided to play some crazy bullet games !!!

And i started making some crazy positional sacrifices !!! 

For every brilliant move i took around 5-10 seconds ( you cannot sacrifice randomly )  

Here is proof : 

Checkout my latest games on my profile for analysis !!! 

1 . Queen sacrifice ( simple one ) 

2. Bishop sacrifice ( opening of  king side )

3. Bishop sacrifice ( white can't take cause of back rank mate 😂 ) 

4. Bishop sacrifice ( opening boom !! Black takes it and loses queen )

5. Knight sacrifice ( My favourite one ☺️ white at least gets draw as blacks queen is trapped but i decided to play on ) 

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I will make video on these brilliant moves on by one here is 1st one -: 

Thank you guys happy.png