How to Improve at Chess | Introduction | SnatchPato

How to Improve at Chess | Introduction | SnatchPato

Jan 21, 2017, 5:44 PM |

Hi guys,

This video is the introduction for a series of educational videos I'll be making called How to Improve at Chess. The series will include a video for each rating bracket outlining what players in that bracket should be doing to improve their chess ability, and to move up into the next bracket. The brackets I'll be making videos for are as follows:

  • Beginners [0-1200]
  • Novices [1200-1400]
  • Intermediates [1400-1600]
  • Adepts [1600-1800]
  • Advanced [1800-2000]

I will be attempting to contacts some masters to see if they would be willing to contribute and finish the series for me, as I'm not in a position to give advice to those higher rated than me.


I hope this series is something that will help you out, as often the amount of information out there is very overwhelming. If you think this is something you might benefit from, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel (here) and eagerly await your rating's video!

Thanks guys, enjoy happy.png